Web Teacher Attendance

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Before you assign a login and password for a user, make sure you have already created a record for this user in Personnel.
From the Logon screen, type in the System Administrator's user name and password, and click on the Logon button.
Click on the Admin button.
You'll be required to enter a second password. If you don't have this password, please contact ASAP.
Click on the Go button next to Administer User Levels.
To create a new login, click on New Record.
To edit an existing record, click on GO button next to that username.
Click on the drop down list for User to select a name from the Personnel list.
ASAP will enter the Username - change it if you want it in a different format.
Type in the user's password and a description (optional).
Use the pull-down to select a level (group) to which the user is assigned. Note that there are multiple levels that are hard-coded in ASAP.
Check the Web Attendance box if user needs access to WTA. Choose the user's district(s). When done, click on the Close button at the top of the form.
Any user can be removed from this list by clicking on the Delete button at the far right of their name on the main Administer Users screen.

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  • First, go to the address bar for the browser you are in and type your WTA address in the address bar (replace asap with your school name). Please contact your IT department if you don't know the URL.
  • Now, type your User ID and Passwords in the fields
  • Click Login

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Select Time Period and Section
This is what your Home tab will look like. On the Home tab, you can select from your current classes. If you need to select another Time Period, select from the Time Period dropdown (typically, you won't need to do this).
To begin taking attendance, select the Section Number for the section you want to take attendance for.

Take Attendance
Now you are ready to take attendance! You know this because you are on the Take Attendance tab.

  • Make sure you have the correct day selected. Your can select days in the past as long as far as they are within the acceptable range that your school has established.
  • To check all boxes for all students, select Check All Time (you can use the buttons on the top or on the bottom).
  • To remove all checks, select Reset All Time (you can use the buttons on the top or the bottom).
  • To remove the checks from the boxes of one student, deselect the ticks from the boxes or select the reset button to the left of the student who wasn't in class.
  • ALWAYS Save Changes when you take attendance or make any changes!!

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Change Enrollment Status for an individual student:
Click on "Enrollment Status" dropdown and select the correct status for the student (you may see different types than displayed here - confirm with your administration which statuses are used for which purpose).

Types of Enrollment Status to View:
Sometimes you have a roster of 20 students but only 10 come on a regular basis. It's easier to take attendance if you are only looking at the usual suspects instead of everyone on your list.
You can view Active/Newly Enrolled students or Show All (every other type of student.) Active students are students who have had attendance taken, Newly Enrolled students are students who are enrolled but haven't yet had attendance taken.
To view only those students who are Active or Newly Enrolled or to see All Students (Show All), select from the Enrollment Status dropdown.

Change a Student's Enrollment Status from an Inactive Status back to Active/Newly Enrolled: If you have made a student's Enrollment Status something other than Active/Newly Enrolled and you want to make that student Active/Newly Enrolled again, simply change the Enrollment Status that you are viewing to Show All, change the Enrollment Status for the student and click Save Changes.

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The reports that you will use most often are on the bottom left corner of your Take Attendance screen. The ones you are most likely to use are the Sign In sheets and the Attendance Report. Simply select the link for the item that you want to print and you will see your selection open in a new window.

Print the Weekly Attendance Report
When you have taken attendance for a class for a full week, you will print a Weekly Attendance Report. It is always the bottom link on your Take Attendance Screen.
  • Make sure you are on a date within the correct week
  • Select the Print Att. Report link. This will open the attendance report in a separate window.
  • Print the report, sign and date on both the top and the bottom of the report. The report may be more than one page if you have a large roster.
  • You will see checks for the time that your students attended. Make sure it looks correct to you. If there are no check marks, you may be in the incorrect week or you may not have remembered to click Save Changes.
  • If you need to make changes, close the report, go back to the Take Attendance screen, make any changes that you need to make, click Save Changes and select the link to run the Attendance Report again.
  • Finally, hand the report in according to your school's rules.

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The teacher should log into WTA, select the time period wanted and then click on the tab for Grades/Credits. You need to set up the Grades List with the grade description and the weight (percent) that each grade item is worth to the student. The total of all the items listed on the Grades List MUST equal 100%.
  • Enter sort order
  • Enter Grade Description
  • Enter the Weight (%). This number should be entered as 15 if the particular item is worth 15% of the grade. Enter only whole numbers (15, 25, 40, etc).
  • Click on Save Changes and a new line will show so you can continue to add information.
When finished entering the information and the total is 100% - click on Save Changes.

Entering Grades:

  • Click on Gradebook. This will open the screen to allow the teacher to enter an amount under each Grade Description for each student.
  • The teacher can enter the amount set up for that description or a higher or lesser amount as the student deserves.
  • To enter a default amount for all students, click in the box at the top of the column and either type in or use the pull-down arrow to select the amount then click on 'Set All'. This will enter the default percent for all students. If you need to change or remove any of the amounts, just click on the one you want changed and delete or change the number.
  • When finished entering the grade information, click on Save Changes and then the button "Back to Grade/Credits'.
  • The grades are completed and will now show in the Section Details in ASAP.
You can now send a message to a teacher using Web Attendance by entering the message in ASAP. Simply type your message in the screen and close - it will send to Web Attendance. There are three places to get the message screen:
  • Personnel Detail Screen for the specific teacher you are messaging.
  • Section Detail Screen for a section,the message screen is located below the Pick Teacher button.
  • Click on Input Attendance then Confirm Attendance. If a section is on the screen you can click "Send Message to Teacher" button or to send message to morethan one teacher click "Send Messages" button.
When the teacher logs in to Web Attendance there will be a screen that opens showing their message. They can type and send a return message or simply close the message screen.
For you to get the retrieve the message in ASAP, go to Input Attendance, Confirm Web Attendance and click on Get Messages button at lower right of screen.
NOTE: Historical messages are not retained in ASAP.
The teacher logs in to the Web Attendance as usual.
  • Select the Time Period and then the section number to take attendance.
  • At the bottom of the Take Attendance screen is a button Cancel Class and the current days date (i.e. Cancel Class for 2/11/09).
  • When the teacher clicks on this button you will get a confirming window "Are you sure you want to cancel?" When you click Yes, the class will be cancelled.
  • In ASAP the cancellation date will show in the far right column in the View Schedule screen for the specific section cancelled.
NOTE: In Web Attendance the teacher can still enter attendance hours for the class even though it was cancelled.
  • In Web Attendance; click on the tab Grades/Credits. The teacher selectsa certificate at the bottom of the screen and then clicks on Certificate for each student they want a certificate printed for.
  • In ASAP a message will appear as a reminder the FIRST time the Manage Section screen is opened. Instruct all ASAP users to make a note of the sections on this message if they should be the first one to open the Sections.

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