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  • From the Main Switchboard, click on Lookup Tables.

  • Double-click on Skill Levels. You can rate each student in each class with a skill level.
  • Type the skill level (e.g., A, B, C or 1, 2, 3) and a description (e.g. Excellent, Good, Fair, or Pass, Fail. Some schools prefer to use Completed and Not Completed or Satisfactory and Not Satisfactory.

  • Rank the sort order in which you want the descriptions to display.

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  • From the Main Switchboard, click on Setup and Courses.
  • Select the course for which you want to create skills.
  • Click on the Skills button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter the skills for this course. You can arrange the skills in any way you want to (e.g., a straight list, master skill with sub-skills, etc.) If a skill is linked to a master skill, first list the master skill in the "Skill" column, type the skill to be linked, and use the pull-down button next to it to bring in the master skill.

  • To rearrange the sequence, highlight an item and moving it up or down with the large arrows on the left.
Adding Skills to a Section:
All skills will automatically default to the section when you create a new section.

Adding skills to a section where skills already exist, you can enter them at the course level and click on "Update Section Skills." This will update them for the current Time Period.

Instruction Hours #1 and Instruction Hours #2 allows you to enter the number of hours required for two different types of attendance.

Example: CNA classes require 120 hours of time in the classroom and 90 hours of time in the clinic (or on the job). You can track the required hours for each type of attendance in the course. These fields may be left blank if not needed.

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  • Go to the Section Details screen (Main Switchboard/ Sections/Manage Sections, get the section).
  • Click on View Skills.
  • The skills with a "Release" mark that were entered at the Course level will default to the section.
  • To pull skills into the section "after the fact," click on the down-arrow next to "Add Course Skills to Section" and select a skill or skills.
  • Print a section skills list by clicking on the Print Skills List button.
Note: If no skills were entered for the course, the View Skills button will be grayed out.

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Skills can be entered in three ways:
1. Enter Skills for a Student from the Student Screen:
  • From the Student's Demographic screen, click on Edit Classes.
  • The Student Skills icon is to the left of each of the student's sections.
  • These skill levels were entered in the Lookup Table – you have full control over how you set them up.

2. Enter Skills for a Student from the Section Screen:
  • Go to the Section Details screen (Main Switchboard/Sections/Manage Sections/get the Section).
  • Click on Edit Roster.
  • Click on the Skills icon to the left of the student's name. The same screen as the one through the Student Demographics/Edit Classes screen will display.

3. Enter Multiple Skills by Section:
The Input Skills screen at the section level allows you to give competencies to all the students in the class.
  • From the Section Details screen, click on Edit Roster.
  • Click on the Input Skills button at the bottom of the screen. The numbers of columns correlate with the number of skills for the section, with a maximum of 11 columns (skills).
  • Click on the "Skills List" button at the bottom of the screen to see a list of skills at the top.
  • Enter the skill level by typing in a number or using the pull-down list. If you want to have a level default for all the students or for all the skills for a student, enter it in the yellow field(s) in the skills column or next to the student name.
  • Click on Save Changes before exiting. After you enter the skills here, they will default to the student's screen under "Student Skills."

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