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    At the bottom of the Section Overview screen is a "Roll Sections" button. This allows you to roll sections (with or without students) from one Time Period to another, or within the same Time Period.

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  • 2. Rolling Sections from one Time Period to Another:

    • Make sure you are in the Time Period into which you want to roll the sections. Click on the "Roll Sections" button.
    • The "Roll to Time Period" field will display the Time Period into which you are rolling the sections. Click on the down-arrow in the "Roll From Time Period" field and select a Time Period.
    • The screen displays various options for rolling sections:
      1. "Roll Students" will roll the section with the active and newly enrolled students;
      2. "Roll Sections" will roll empty sections. You can also choose to roll the same goals as the students had before.
      3. "Roll Schedule" will roll the exact schedule as you had before. If the class has a special schedule, first enter it in the "New Spec. Sched." column, and then check the " Spec.Sched." box.
      4. The buttons at the top of each check-mark column allows you to select all sections for each option. After all selections have been made, click the "Roll Picked" button.
      5. All rolled sections will display a "Done" check-mark.
    Note: If you're rolling hundreds of sections, do them in smaller groups (about 50 or 60 at a time)
  • 3. Rolling Sections within the same Time Period:

    • Follow the instructions above, choosing the same Time Period for the "Roll From" as the "Roll To".
    • All the sections will have a "Done" check-mark.
    • Changing the last one or two digits of the section number will remove this check-mark and you can click on Roll Section or Roll Stu's.
    • After you've rolled the section in this way, you can make any changes in the Section Details screen and schedule the section again.
    Note: We recommend that you change only the last two digits of the section number, i.e., create a new section number for the same course. To create a section in another course or program, follow the instructions in "Manage Sections" above.

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