Section Overview/Create New

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The Section Overview screen allows you to change Time Periods without going back to the Time Period screen.

  • With the A-Z / Z-A sorts you can determine the most or least number of enrollments in your sections, which sections have wait-listed students, which sections are closed, and grouping classes by teacher.
  • To find a particular section, type in the section number in the "Find Partial #" field, "Find Whole #" or type in the course name. An arrow will point to the section requested.
  • Open the section with the "Open" icon to add a new section, click on the "Open Form" icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the "View All Sections" button to see sections from all Time Periods.
  • The number of section records display at the bottom of the screen.
  • "Room Usage" button allows you to type in a date range and a room to see all dates for the room, or a date to see all rooms occupied on that date.

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From the Section Overview screen, open an existing record or click on the "Open Form" to display a new section screen.

When the small screen displays, type in (or select) the course part and the then type the two or three digit section part of the number.

The current Time Period will display at the top of the screen.

Enter capacity and minimum. If you don't want a wait list, make the capacity large as possible. If you don't type a capacity, all students will enroll as wait listed. Always enter a minimum.

You need only type the first few letters of the teacher's name and it should complete the entry.

Type a room description (again with just a few letters).

The start and end dates default from the current Time Period. You can change them to any dates within the Time Period range.

Type the start and end times as follows: 8a, 8.15a, 9.30p. (Don't leave a space, and don't bother with the colon or 0s after the hour.) Always type an a or p after the numbers. Do not type 9.3 for 9.30.

For split classes, type the start and end times after the break.

Select "Days Pattern" from dropdown list

Click the "Schedule Section" button.

The number of meetings scheduled displays in the Meetings field.

If you had entered the teacher's hourly rate on the Personnel screen, the computer will show the cost of the class.

Any message in "Notes" will print out on the student's receipt.

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