SectionEnroll Students

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You can enroll a student from the Student screen or from the Section screen. Enrolling from the Section screen allows you to enroll several students at once.

Click on the down-arrow next to the Filter Students field. From the list, make a selection as follows:

  • All students (all students in your database)
  • All current students (all students with attendance in the current Time Period)
  • All students for a program (such as all students enrolled in ESL)
  • Students from a prior period's course (choose the course and the Time Period)
  • All students in a section (choose the Time Period and the section). The last one is handy if you are merging sections.
When the list of students displays, either type in the ID# or name and press Enter twice, or go down the list and choose the students by clicking in the "Pick" check-boxes. After you have picked all the students to be enrolled, click the "Enroll Picked" button.

Caution: Do NOT pick the students and then click on "Enroll All." The "Enroll All" button should only be used if you want to enroll all the students listed on this screen.

Notes: For easier selection, do an A-Z sort on either the ID Number or Name if you are selecting students by number or by name in the "Find" fields.

Once you find the student by using either of the "Find" fields, you do not need to use the mouse to click. Simply press the Enter key twice to put a check-mark in the "Pick" box

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