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Before you assign a login and password for a user, make sure you have already created a record for this user in Personnel.
From the Logon screen, type in the System Administrator's user name and password, and click on the Logon button.
Click on the Admin button.
You'll be required to enter a second password. If you don't have this password, please contact ASAP.
Click on the Go button next to Administer User Levels.
To create a new login, click on New Record.
To edit an existing record, click on GO button next to that username.
Click on the drop down list for User to select a name from the Personnel list.
ASAP will enter the Username - change it if you want it in a different format.
Type in the user's password and a description (optional).
Use the pull-down to select a level (group) to which the user is assigned. Note that there are multiple levels that are hard-coded in ASAP.
Check the Web Attendance box if user needs access to WTA. Choose the user's district(s). When done, click on the Close button at the top of the form.
Any user can be removed from this list by clicking on the Delete button at the far right of their name on the main Administer Users screen.
From Section Details, click on the Pick Teacher button and add the other teacher. Then click the Schedule Section button to add the teacher to the schedule.

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