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  • Make change to ADA Type under Attendance

    • Go to Students.
    • Manage Students.
    • Search for student record.
    • Student Demographics.
    • Edit Classes.
    • Click on the clock icon for Attendance.
    • Change the ADA Type by clicking on the dropdown arrow for the first attendance record. This will change the ADA Type for all the hours below that record.

  • Reports

  • Duplicated count vs Unduplicated count

    Unduplicated count is the actual number of individual students enrolled. Students may be enrolled in one or more classes, but they are counted only once.
    Duplicated count is the total class count. Students may be enrolled in more than one class and would therefore be counted in each class.
    Jackie is enrolled in sections 123456,123414.
    Cindy is enrolled in section 123456.
    The course number is 1234 for the above sections.
    Section 123456 has two enrollments (neither duplicated or unduplicated count).
    Course 1234 has a three enrollments (duplicated count) but two students (unduplicated count).
    If you have 1 course and 2 sections and someone is enrolled in both sections from the same course, you'd never have a duplication in a section because you can only be enrolled in the section once.
    But you can be enrolled in 2 sections from the same course. That's when the duplication happens.

  • Why some sections don't show up in "Missing Attendance Report" 5.13b

    • 1. Check if the section has attendance between the "date range" you are using to run report 5.13b. You can run report 1.12b for the same date range to confirm this.
    • 2. One of the filters for this report is "Site". Check whether the room which is assigned to this section belongs to the site you selected for this report.
    • 3. Which Attendance option did you select? WTA, Scanned Attendance or both? By running report 1.12b you can confirm whether or not you have any attendance for this section between the date range.
    • 4. The report will not show any closed sections.

  • Students

  • Color codes for age

    Under 17 years-old
     16 years-old & under + below 11th grade
    Over 18 + Concurrent ADA Type
    Over 55 years-old

  • Scantron

  • ASAP Scantron Forms Pricing

    1 box    =    $575.00 per box
    2-4 boxes    =    $555.00 per box
    5-10 boxes    =    $540.00 per box
    10+ boxes    =    $525.00 per box
    There are 2000 forms (4 reams) per box. If you order 1 box of reg and 1 box of attendance, we consider that 2 boxes.
    Form order numbers
    F-11059      Attendance Forms
    F-16868      Registration Forms
    F-10863      Grade Forms

  • Shortcuts & Timesavers

  • Time Entry

    Whenever you are typing the time in ASAP (hours:minutes) use the decimal instead of the colon.
    Example: 9.45a will enter as 9:45 am. This will work anyplace in ASAP where you can enter time. If it is 11:00 am simply type 11a and it will enter correctly.
  • Date Entry

    Always enter the date as a six (6) digit number 071109 and it will enter as 7-11- 2009. Remember; no dashes, no slashes, no spaces!
  • Input Attendance

    When you are hand entering attendance use the Default field at the top of each column when possible - it will save entry for each student.
    To enter the scheduled time for the default or for individual students, double-click on the empty field and the hours/minutes will be entered for you. You can always highlight and change or delete the hours if you entered them in error.
  • Inputting Student Data

    When typing in data for student demographics (or personnel data) we suggest you decide on a format and use it consistently. Most commonly used is entering everything in lower case with the first letter capitalized. When you need to enter a name that needs to be capitalized in an unusual way then you can check the box "Edit name fields" and it will save the data with the capitalization you type. We do not recommend entering the data with all upper case characters.
  • Fields with Pull Down Arrows

    Type the first letter of the item you want and the pull-down will take you right to a close field.
    Example: on the section screen, select teacher named Jones by typing J and then scroll down to the exact teacher you want using the mouse or the arrow keys. Works well for rooms, teachers, students, enrollment status, etc.

  • Time Period

  • I accidently made a time period. How do I delete it?

  • How do I hide my time periods?

    When "Hide" is checked in the time period setup, it will hide that time period from drop-down menus within the Main Client. It will not hide the time period within the Reports Client.
    There's also an option to "Hide WTA". This will hide the time period from the Web Teacher Attendance program only.


  • Error message 3501

    The attached message will come up when user tries to export and has a previous exported file open. Any .csv file must be closed and then user will be able to export a new .csv file.

  • Transcript

  • How do I fix the duplication/overlapping in transcripts

    Make sure that you have the latest version of ASAP before you proceed.

  • Web Attendance

  • Hide the enrollment status

    I'd like to limit teachers in Web Teacher Attendance to only a few enrollment status choices from the Take Attendance Tab. How do I configure this?

    From the Main Client, go to Lookup Tables/Enrollment Status/Sort Order. Enter a sort order number over 100 to hide the enrollment status from Web Teacher Attendance.

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