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From the Main Switchboard, click on Setup. Click on the first button on the right-hand side: Time Periods.

All Time Periods fall under a District. Users are normally given permission to view only their own District's Time Periods.

A Time Period is a way of grouping sections under a common "umbrella". Most schools use semesters or quarters or year-long time periods. You can have more than one Time Period, and they can overlap.

The beginning and ending dates are simply default dates for the sections. When you create the sections, you can change the section dates to whatever you wish, as long as they are within the date range that you specified on the Time Periods screen.

To create a new Time Period, go to the bottom of the list or click on the click on the "Open Form" icon at the bottom of the screen:

Type a four- to six-digit code in the "Time Period" column, "Tab",type a description, "Tab", type a start date, "Tab", type an end date.

To change a time period from this screen, click in the box next to the time period and click "Set Current Period"

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