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  • All Programs have to be connected to a District. Start off by clicking on the button Programs for All Districts.
  • The program code is the first two digits of the section number. We recommend the State's numbering system. For fee programs, use 20 and up. For subjects related to learning center classes, use 90 and up.
  • Be sure to check the programs that are mandated, and leave fee and subjects classes unchecked. Check if this is a mandated (state-funded) program.
  • The Carl Perkins report gathers information on students in ROPs and the Voc. Ed. Program. Click all programs that apply.
  • Enter the CDE Program code (for Adult Schools).
  • Check if this is a fee program.

  • Once you have set up all the Programs for all the districts, close the screen.
  • With your district showing as the current district, click the button titled Add Programs to District.
  • Go down the list and click on the Add button next to each program that should be added to your district.
  • If you clicked on a button by mistake, delete the district with the Delete from District button. This can only be done if no sections have been created under the program for this district.

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