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The Course Overview shows all courses at a glance.

  • Find a course by typing the course number or description.
  • Sort on any of the columns: click anywhere in the column and do an A-Z or Z-A sort. (The A-Z icon can be found at the very top of the screen).
  • Close the screen with the "Close" icon:
  • Access a course with the "Open" icon next to the course:
  • Open a new, empty screen with the "Add Record" icon:
  • The number of records will display at the bottom of the screen.
    Note: All Overview screens in ASAP work the same as this one.
Create a new course as follows:

  • In the Program field, type the two digits of the program code, followed by two or three digits in the Course Part. The Program Code and description of the program will automatically be filled in.
  • Enter the CDE Code.
  • Enter the department for a High School Subjects course. Click the "Credit" button on if this is a High School course.
  • Type a description.
  • Complete the Long description if you want a detailed description (for your public brochure, for instance). Otherwise, leave blank.
  • If you click "Public Brochure" on, you can run a query to pull the long description into Page Maker.
  • Enter the level of the course. If you want your TOPS Entry Form to be pre-slugged for ABE and ESL in the "Instructional Level" box, type the number that corresponds to the level on the form (e.g. ESL Int. Low = 3).
  • All fees that you enter will default to the section screen for this course.
  • Click if the course has max units, max hours or 15 hour restrictions.
  • Enter the State Code and approval date, and CBEDS information. Note: Only the Course Code and Course Description are mandatory on this screen.
  • Click on the "Sections" to see the sections in the current Time Period for this course.

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