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The calendar lists your holidays, i.e. it tells the computer which days to skip over when scheduling your classes.

There are two ways to add a date to the calendar:

  • On an empty line, type the date in the "Date" column.

  • Click on the "calendar" icon next to the first available EMPTY record, click on the date and click on "Select Date." With the date entered, put a check mark in the "Holiday" field. The red arrow at the bottom takes you back- and forwards by year (double arrows) and by month (single). All dates that have a check mark in the "Holiday" column will be skipped when you schedule a class. Note: For sections that meet on holidays, take the check mark off before scheduling the class.

If more than one district shares the same calendar, click on the "Copy Calendar" button and select the districts to which you want to copy the current calendar. When done, click OK.

It is not necessary to set up ADA months to run attendance reports, but if you want to see a comparison of ADA units for each "month," set up ADA months as follows:
  • Go to the first blank line and enter the last date of the ADA month.
  • Click in the ADA Check box. The first ADA month will start on 6/01 and end on the day entered. The next ADA month will start on the next date.
  • Continue entering only the end dates of each month and click on the ADA Check box after each entry.

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