Lookup Tables

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Click on button 'Lookup Tables' on the left. Starting from the top, complete the following by double-clicking to open:
  • Student Types

    Any "type of student" that you want or need to track. This is different from ADA types, since a student can have any number of student types but only one ADA Type. Student types are normally not related to attendance but rather are to do with the specific student. You might mark a student with Disabled, Low Income, AFDC, Displaced Homemaker, etc.

  • ADA Type

    Every student comes in with a "badge" on, such as Regular Adult, Concurrent HS, CalWorks, Fee Student. The ADA Type defaults to Enrollment, which in turn defaults to Attendance. Determine which ADA Types your school needs to track for your attendance reports. Most Adult Schools use Regular Adult, Concurrent HS and Fee Student. You can also set up any others you might need. Do not confuse the Program a student enrolls into as his ADA type - his attendance will always go into the program he enrolled into no matter what his ADA Type may be.

  • Race/Ethnicity

    Leave the list as it is. Add extras if you need to track more. We track the Ethnicity according to what TOPSPro asks for on their forms.

  • Languages

    If using TOPSPro, copy the languages from the Intake Form. Otherwise, use your own list.

  • Enrollment Status

    Newly Enrolled, Active, Waitlisted, Completed. The "core" statuses are hard-coded and cannot be changed. Add any that you may want to use, such as Transferred, Graduated.

  • States

    Add as needed.

  • County

    Add as needed.

  • ZIP City

    Enter all zip codes for your area with their cities. As you use ASAP go into the Lookup table and enter any new zip codes when you find yourself typing in the same cities several time.

  • Districts

    If your agency has several districts, enter all your district names and (if applicable) the district ID numbers. Districts are used to group time periods, calendars, and programs. If you are a single school, you must still complete this lookup table but will only have your school name as the district name.

  • Sites

    A site falls under a district. Set up the sites for each district by going into the Time Period (under Setup) and selecting a district. Enter all the sites for that district. Only the Site Code and Site Name are required. If you have only one site, type your agency name here. NOTE: You must enter the TOPSPro Site Code as a site in ASAP if you plan on using the export feature for TOPS.

  • Rooms(mandatory)

    List all the physical locations where classes are taught. Keep the room name and short description similar. Room name prints on reports, short description prints on attendance sheets, long description prints on receipts. For TopsPro, be sure to add Site Code in the column marked 'Site'. The Online Site is filled in only if you are using the ASAP Online Registration module.

  • Schools

    List all feeder (home) schools for Concurrent students.

  • Teacher Status

    Active, Retired, Inactive, etc. (Teachers not marked Active will not appear on the "Active List" on the Overview screen but they will show on the 'All List').

  • Teachers' Credentials

    Optional. If you enter credentials for teachers, you can run a report to find out the teachers that have certain credentials. You can also run a renewal date list.

  • Teachers' Degrees

    Optional. List any degrees as needed to enter on the teacher records.

  • Teacher Excuses

    If you want to take accurate attendance on the teacher, put in all excuse codes - in this way you can run a report for hours the teacher taught, as well as hours he was absent by excuse code. These would include sick leave, bereavement, jury duty, maternity leave, etc.

  • Employee Type

    Enter as many employee types as you plan to put into ASAP: Teacher, Substitute, Clerk, Administrator, etc.

  • Department

    Complete if you are issuing transcripts. The credits required are broken down by "Department" such as Math, English, Foreign Lang/Art, etc. If all your HS Diploma students are working towards the same requirements, tag every department with an "A" as the group. If two or more groups are working towards different sets of requirements, tag all the overlapping requirements for all the groups, e.g. a,b,c.

  • Grades Ranking

    Only used for GPA on the transcripts: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0, NM, P, I, W. (+ and – if needed).

  • Attendance Types

    If your agency is an ROP with more than one type of attendance (e.g. CC, CVE, Lab), or if you want to distinguish make-up hours from regular hours, then fill in the different attendance type codes and descriptions. The sort order will determine how the list appears on various attendance screens.

  • Skill Levels

    You can rate each student in each class with a skill level. Type the skill level (e.g., A, B, C or 1, 2, 3). Type a description (e.g. Excellent, Good, Fair, etc.) Put in the sort order in which you want the descriptions to display.

  • Fee Items

    Create as many fee items as needed, e.g. registration, book and lab fees. In order to issue credit memos and refunds we have already entered the credit item. Indicate in the "Account" column where the item should be posted to, e.g., most fees are section incomes. Only enter an item cost if you want the cost to default to all the sections, otherwise leave the Item Cost column blank.

  • Student Fee Types

    If your school charges different fees for different types of students (e.g., Senior Discount, Fee Waiver, District Employee, etc.), enter the fee types here. We start you off with Regular Student, Senior Citizen, Fee Waiver - add any others that you require.

  • Country of Origin

    If you want to track the countries your students were born you can enter them here. This list will show on the pull-down arrow on the Student Demographic screen, Additional Info page.

  • Payment Types

    Add as needed.

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